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“Prior to taking Daryl’s course, I lacked knowledge to trade options successfully. Today, I am trading with the pros!” – T.  Newton


“I really enjoyed the course. Very informative and great for getting your feet wet in the market (options).” – R. Worthy


“First I would like to say thank you from the fullness of my heart. I want to thank you for taking a complex subject matter of trading and simplifying it for someone with limited to no knowledge.  My completion of your course has allowed me to go from no knowledge of trading to successful trading within a quarter. Again I thank you for all that you pour into your students.” – J. Muhammad


“Many thanks to Mr. Skipwith and the simple but most effective training he provided to me. I only wish I could have gotten wind of this knowledge before I started down the road of several businesses and schooling that never had the potential to earn the income that Mr. Skipwith's training does.  Again thank you Sooooo much and as I improve my trading skills I can never forget nor fail to appreciate how I got started.  Thank you Mr. Skipwith.” – I. Muhammad


“Mr. Skipwith, just wanted to reach out to you to let you know that you have really blessed and changed my life. When I started reaching out to you about Options trading, I had already had some knowledge. As a matter of fact, we took the same course but you took me to another level. You stretched my mind and opened it up to more than "puts and calls". I mean for me to actually pick a stock, determine it's direction (call or put), how far it will go in that direction, what effects the trading environment (ex... crude oil), and much more is astonishing. You have put me in a position to financially support my wife while she seeks out her dream of being an entrepreneur. Real talk, you have actually put me in a new tax bracket. Sweet Jesus. Glory to God. I truly appreciate your one on one teachings and your insight on everything that pertains to trading. This has improved my timing and increased my profits. Again, thx you for changing my life.”– J. Jones


“Since I've been fortunate to learn about option trading, Daryl has been a trader I always admired ! He is not the type of teacher to give away answers, no- he has you seek within yourself for answers that you already know, and his guidance is one-to a million. When you want to meet a true- (humble) sensei of option trading, you have found him. Please value his words and know that he doesnt seek to teach you to fish, he seeks to help you become an avid fisherman. Every step along my journey from my many bumps and falls he has been encouraging, not directly pointing out my mistakes but helping me acknowledge them on my own, so when it occurs again, I can recognize it. It’s one thing to take a class, so many people can do that,- you pay your money and still leave confused, not truly gaining financial knowledge- but if you're blessed to have Mr. Skipwith as your mentor, please, know that GOD is shining on you because no one I know is EVER as proficient, knowledgeable as him! #BlessedTrader I'm forever grateful for his patience and wisdom!” – A. Adaeze


As a former fixed income portfolio manager and trader, I was familiar with options but wanted to learn how successfully trade equity options to create an income stream.  I tried many educational courses and found that volatility would disrupt the little success that I had swing trading.  I was encouraged to trade more volatile stocks and learn to use volatility to my advantage.  Daryl has an amazing grasp on how to trade volatile stocks, reduce risk by using key metrics to identify the best environments and optimize return potential using specific timing rules.  His patience as a teacher and scientific approach enabled me to focus on relevant fundamentals, develop patience and learn from my mistakes.  I have experienced more consecutive wins at a higher return percentage in just a few months of working with Daryl.  I recommend him to anyone who wants to learn options trading, refine their trading strategy and set themselves up for success in all trading environments.

R. Reed, MBA, CPA






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